Study Finds British Peoples' Biggest Holiday Pet Peeves Couldn't Be More British

Survey Finds That British People Couldn't Be More British About The Holidays

You've got crowded stores and unexpected guests and social-media-obsessed college kids, and yet none of those top the list of things some 2,000 Brits said that bug them the most about the holidays in a recent survey conducted by the Worcester, Bosch Group.

Instead, the survey found that visiting friends and family at a cold house topped their list of pet peeves, though only 20 percent of respondents said they would actually complain about it to a host. "The rest would grin and bear it (30.8%), make a joke out of it (16%), keep their coat on (15.7%)," the survey reveals.

Here's what other holiday hassles annoy British people the most:

  1. A cold house
  2. Missing favorite TV
  3. Screaming children
  4. Having to take our shoes off
  5. Awkward conversations

In a similar survey among Americans, appliance brand Kenmore found that not being able to find a unique gift for their host is one of the things that stress holiday guests out the most. According to the Kenmore survey, 85 percent of Americans have struggled to find something suitable and often arrive with no gift at all.

Check out more of what both surveys found (including the things Brits argue with friends and family over the most) and tell us: What's your biggest holiday pet peeve?

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