Holiday Toys and Gadgets That Grown Ups Want Under the Tree, Too

This year, even adults can feel like a kid on Christmas.

If you feel like it’s not fair that kids get all the fun in unwrapping the coolest gadgets during the holidays, then you’re not alone. We adults deserve some surprises on Christmas morning too, after all!

Toys under the tree aren’t just for kids anymore, and grown ups might even appreciate some of these items more than kids. Scroll down to see the best toys that will make grown ups adults feel like kids again:

The force will always be strong! The continuation of the Star Wars franchise gave fans a whole new villain to obsess over, and Hasbro’s Black Series this year includes this awesome Kylo Ren voice changing helmet. Big enough for adults to wear, everything you say will be in Kylo Ren’s voice when activated. Cue saying, “Nothing will stand in my way. I will finish what he started,” over and over again.

This Bluetooth speaker arguably has as much power as Captain America himself! Shaped like the Marvel superhero’s iconic shield, you can stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device, or you can connect it to any deivce with an aux-in jack. eKids also makes other Bluetooth speakers with brands that everyone loves, including a Marvel Iron Man Helmet, Star Wars BB-8, and Pokémon Pokéball. Be the hero of your next party!

Giving a whole new meaning to the word “lit,” this pair of shoes lights up with four settings: pulse, flicker, strobe, and gradual. Don’t worry: these shoes come in both kid and adult sizes (victory is ours!), and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for a really cool pair of shoes. They’re available as high tops (in red, white, or black) or low tops (black and white). This pair of shoes really says, “The party don’t start ‘til I walk in.”

Go speed racers! With excitement building for the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming out in just a couple of weeks, this Star Wars Speeder Bike drone will transport you back to the Galactic Civil War. The drone is easy to fly, has a 200-foot range, and is light and durable to withstand any battles (or, crashes). The detailing makes it look just like the Stormtroopers look from the movie, down from the outfits to the vehicles they’re using. The drone even features height-lock technology and gyro-stabilization for a guaranteed smooth flight.

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