Top 10 Holiday Trips To Book Now, According To Kayak

There's no time like the present.

Airfare is cheaper this year than last, and will only continue to drop through January 2016. So why aren't you booking a trip to somewhere right this second?

Maybe you're not sure where to visit. Well, according to travel booking site Kayak, there are some key destinations around the world where airfare is especially less expensive right now. To gather the list, Kayak's Holiday Travel Hacker pulled together the destinations with the biggest decrease in median airfare this holiday season vs. last holiday season.

Though the escapes featured below might not be considered "budget" locations, savvy travelers will consider this holiday season one of the best times to finally book tickets for that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

It's time to travel to...

Bogota, Colombia
Aaron Geddes Photography via Getty Images
Bogota is popping up on must-see destination lists everywhere. What better time to go than when airfare is 18 percent cheaper than this time last season?
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Tetra Images - Henryk Sadura via Getty Images
Tour the original home from "A Christmas Story" or hit up a basketball or football game in this Ohio city. Airfare to Cleveland is 19 percent less expensive, to boot.
Belize City, Belize
Dennis Macdonald via Getty Images
Enjoy the beaches and explore Mayan ruins with airfare that's 20 percent less expensive this year.
Manila, Philippines
Jui-Chi Chan via Getty Images
Travel to this Philippines city is 21 percent cheaper this year than last year, but take caution: there is a U.S. State Department travel warning that advises U.S. citizens about travel to the country.
Bangkok, Thailand
anuchit kamsongmueang via Getty Images
With airfare that's 22 percent less expensive this year than last, Bangkok is waiting for you to explore.
Tokyo, Japan
Hou via Getty Images
Tokyo has so much to offer visitors, and what better time to get there than when airfare is 24 percent cheaper than last year?
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Photo by John Crouch via Getty Images
Bundle up and visit one of America's greatest cities for 25 percent cheaper airfare than last year.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
filipefrazao via Getty Images
There are two great reasons to visit Rio de Janeiro this holiday season: airfare is 26 percent cheaper this year than last year, and it's summer in South America. Win, win!
Taipei, Taiwan
SeanPavonePhoto via Getty Images
The city's night markets are a great place to pick up holiday gifts, and getting to Taipei will cost you less than this time last year, with a 28 percent decrease in fares.
Hong Kong
Copyright Anek via Getty Images
With a 29 percent decrease in price compared to last holiday season, the savvy traveler will want to book this ticket, stat.

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