Hands Down, This Is The Best Way To See New York City's Holiday Windows

Hands Down, This Is The Best Way To See New York City's Holiday Windows

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and if you ask us, it's even better when spent in New York City.

OK, so that might be a little biased, but there is certainly something special about the city during the holidays. You have the tree at Rockefeller Center, the twinkling lights that seem to pop up everywhere you go and of course, those famous holiday windows.

In the spirit of coming together this season, the HuffPost Style team created (and took!) a Holiday Window Crawl, which not only brought us to see all the incredible windows, but also included some quintessential (and in many cases, extremely delicious,) stops along the way. Lucky for you, we traced our steps and created a map to recreate the very same route we took.

Here's what you'll need:

Comfortable shoesAn umbrella (just in case)A camera (or more likely a phone)A few of your favorite peopleThis map

It took us about four hours to complete the entire crawl, which included a stop for lunch and about two and a half miles of walking (hint: twenty NYC blocks = one mile). Whether you're visiting New York, live in New York or are just following along from the comfort of your own home, this map will give you a big taste of holiday spirit. Happy crawling!

Before You Go

Saks Fifth Avenue

NYC Holiday Windows 2014

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