What The Holidays Are Like After Divorce, According To Kids Who've Been There

Whether you're a parent trying to figure out when you'll see the kids, or a grown child of divorce juggling the demands of two Christmases, planning for the holidays after divorce is not for the faint of heart.

Just ask blogger Chelsea Purifoy. On Friday, Purifoy was one of a few guests to stop by HuffPost Live to discuss the hiccups that come with planning for the holidays after divorce.

A child of divorce, Purifoy's holiday schedule became even more complicated a few years back when she married a man with divorced parents of his own.

"I went from having two Christmases to having four Christmas," she said. "We just bounce around from home to home and try to make everything as equal as we can because that's important to all of our family members. By the end of the holiday season, we need a good drink and another vacation."

Watch the clip above to hear more about Purifoy and others' post-split holiday experiences (and click here to view the full segment), then check out the slideshow below for tips on enjoying the holidays after divorce from experts.

Holiday Divorce Tips

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