11 Little-Known Holidays We Should All Be Thrilled About This Month

11 Little-Known Holidays We Should All Be Thrilled About This Month

Thursday is April 30. Which means …

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As they say, April showers bring May flowers. But it also brings lovely weather, and a whole bunch of quirky, fun holidays, like Lumpy Rug Day and Star Wars Day. How will you celebrate?

Mother Goose Day, May 1

This day honors the beloved nursery rhyme. Here is an actual mother goose.

Lumpy Rug Day, May 3

This holiday is your day to rid yourself of those bothersome creases and lumps that cause you and your pets to trip all over your home. Or, let the lumps be. There are no rules for how to celebrate Lumpy Rug Day.

Star Wars Day, May 4


National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 5

Where would we be without our educators? Bring your teacher an apple, or get that assignment in a day early. Raise your hand in class with a flourish, even! It'll make
an A+ day for everyone.

Lost Sock Memorial Day, May 9

Literally where do socks go? Take this day to spend a few moments thinking back on all those plushy, cotton pairs that are now singles squashed in the back of a drawer. Maybe pay a visit to your washing machine and dryer. They'll relate.

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Clean Up Your Room Day, May 10

It's very appropriate that this holiday follows Lost Sock Memorial Day. One sweep under the bed just may reunite your favorite furry sock with its other half. Who knows what else you'll uncover?!

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Twilight Zone Day, May 11

What better day than May 11 to visit "a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity"? If you're not up for time traveling or an otherworld experience, just watch the series on Netflix.

National Dance Like a Chicken Day, May 14

Surely this silly,
, song is already stuck in your head. Hop up out of your chair on May 14, and flap those wings.

Don't Fry Day, May 22

Dance this endless winter away beneath the sun, but don't forget to cover up! A sunburn is a major bummer -- you don't want it to ruin this
for you. Take a peep at the
for which sunscreen is right for you.

Sally Ride Day, May 26

This holiday isn't silly, but simply awesome, because it's Sally Ride's birthday. Physicists, celebrate by try solving a super tough problem. Or, just give the first American woman in space some love by making an extra wish on a shooting star.

Water a Flower Day, May 30

Now that the snow has finally melted, don't forget to stop and smell the roses. And while you're at it, water them, too! Give back to May's floral bounty on this delightful holiday.
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