Hollister Store In England Is So Dark People Are Getting Lost

I'm Trapped In A Hollister And I Can't Get Out

If you've ever shopped at junior's clothing store Hollister, you know that part of the store's ambience is its house-like interior. After you enter the shop through its "front door," you wander from room to room as if you're walking from your kitchen to your den, checking out different types of clothing. Hollister staff also dim the lights way down to contribute to the "cozy" atmosphere.

But now the trendy light-dimming has gone too far: a Hollister store in England is so poorly lit that people are actually getting lost inside it.

A store in Birmingham, England, apparently got carried away with the mood lighting, because customers are reporting bumping into each other and the store's tables, according to Telegraph.

"I can't see the sizes, I can't see the prices, I can't see the till - I can't see the point," said one cranky customer.

A Hollister worker defended the darkness, though: "It creates an atmosphere that allows you to come in and hang out while finding some cool clothes. It gives a type of casino-feel, where people can get lost in a club-like environment, people relax, and hopefully spend more."

Turn up the lights, Hollister! We're not saying you need to have a Target-esque glow all up in your super-cool teen fashion houses, but still, being able to actually see your merchandise goes a long way for customers.

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