So, Holly Holm Asked Beyoncé What Her Name Was

Say it with us: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.
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We all know who the woman on the right is. That's Beyoncé. Duh. The woman on the left, however, you still may not recognize, but chances are, you've heard of her.

It's Holly Holm, the 34-year-old UFC fighter who knocked out Ronda Rousey in the biggest upset fight sports has seen in recent memory. As the newly crowned UFC bantamweight champion, Holm's distinction as David to Rousey's Goliath has elevated her from relatively unknown niche sport star to the kind of person who just happens to run into Beyoncé.

Holm told Albuquerque, New Mexico’s KRQE about her encounter with Bey on Tuesday. Holm was at a VIP viewing party in Las Vegas on Saturday watching Canelo Alvarez beat Miguel Cotto in their middleweight boxing match. There, she met Jay Z, which was fine and dandy and undeniably cool -- but when she used the greeting she always uses when she meets someone's wife, Holm's subsequent self-awareness made her feel very, very silly.

“I met Jay Z and he says, 'This is my wife,' and I say, 'Oh, hi, what is your name?' That is what I do when I meet someone’s wife," she explained. "As I am shaking her hand I am thinking why did I just say that."

Beyoncé, who probably hasn't had to introduce herself in years, reportedly told Holm not to worry about it. She may, however, want to gift Holm a copy of her last album:

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