Holly Jolly Guide to Christmas Movie Filming Locations


Do you spent Christmas Day watching Ralphie? When you order pizza do you tell the driver to "keep the change, ya filthy animal"? Or perhaps you've called someone a "cotton-headed ninny muggins" more than once this December... If so, you'll love this map of Christmas movie filming locations.

Be sure to zoom in or open the full sized map as several are in NYC, Chicago, and LA.

Here are a few of the massive list's highlights...

A Christmas Story

The Christmas dinner scene at Bo' Ling Chop Suey Palace is one of the most memorable of the movie, and you can still eat there. You just will be getting French food instead of Chinese.

Home Alone

The house, of course, is the focus of the movie, but you can actually visit the store where Kevin ran away with his toothbrush. Now it's a Panera.

Home Alone 2

The Waldorf and Central Park are the obvious spots Kevin spends time in, but do you remember this now-defunct little diner from the movie? Or how about the Chicago interior that served as Duncan's Toy Chest?

Lethal Weapon

The Emser Building... Today it still serves as the headquarters for the Emser Tile Company. If you choose to visit, don't jump off the roof like Mel did.

It's a Wonderful Life

When George courts Mary he does it in one of the most unique gyms in America. You should also know only one additional filming location remains, and we found it for you!

Also, did you ever wonder which real-life town claims to be setting for the movie? Well Seneca Falls has long claimed to be THE town Bedford was based on. Of course, director Frank Capra never confirmed this, but argue with the kind folks at the It's a Wonderful Life Museum in Seneca Falls.


Did Walter's apartment building look a little familiar to you? Maybe it's because you remember it as Dana's apartment in Ghostbusters.


First, kudos if you ever remember this movie. Second, remember this house? Well a mean old lady doesn't live there. It's actually an inn now. Perfect place to crash before letting your reindeer loose in Starved Rock State Park (just like the movie).

Santa Claus

Let's just cut to the chase, pretty much all of Santa Claus is shot in Canada, particularly the town of Oakville. Many of the same stores seen in the movie are there today on the town's main drag. The zoo featured in the movie is the Toronto Zoo.

Die Hard

It's real name is Fox Plaza, but you know it as Nakatomi Plaza... The infamous building from Die Hard. Yippie ki yay...

Ernest Saves Christmas

Spoiler alert: the building has since been replaced with a new one, but the "Orlando Children's Museum" was actually the Orlando Science Center. Another fun tidbit is that Ernest Saves Christmas was the first major film filmed almost entirely in Orlando.

Jingle All the Way

Put Arnold in a Christmas movie and you get cheesy Christmas gold. It was also the biggest film production in the history of Minnesota. Mickey's Diner was in the movie as well as Mighty Ducks.

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