Holly Robinson Peete: Charles Kinsey Shooting Is 'My True Real Life Nightmare'

"The therapist with arms raised was shot and thankfully not fatally. But WHY???!!!"

The police shooting of mental health therapist Charles Kinsey in Miami, Florida, on July 18 has caused Holly Robinson Peete to express her concerns over the safety of her son, RJ.

After viewing viral video footage of Kinsey being shot by police while tending to an autistic patient, the actress decided to repost a clip on Facebook from a past episode of her reality show, “For Peete’s Sake.” In the clip, Peete is shown having a discussion with her son ― who is diagnosed with autism ― and husband, Rodney, on how to interact with police in the event of a traffic stop.

The actress captioned the video with her thoughts on how viewing Kinsey’s shooting, for her, was a “true real life nightmare.”

Robinson also explained in the episode why it was important for herself and her husband to be transparent with RJ about his safety.

“I really wish we didn’t have to have these conversations with him, but we have to have them with all of our sons and all of our kids,” she said. “But with RJ, there’s an innocence about him we don’t wanna see destroyed. But we have to keep it real with him on a daily basis in order to keep him safe.”

Check out more of Holly Robinson’s conversation with her son RJ in the clip above.



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