The Unforgettable Memorial Of Warhol Superstar Holly Woodlawn

The legendary trans icon Holly Woodlawn died in December 2015. On Saturday, friends and fans from the underground art world and beyond gathered in Manhattan to celebrate her life.

On Saturday, May 14, hundreds gathered together in the La MaMa theater in New York City's East Village to mourn the death of transgender Puerto Rican actress Holly Woodlawn and to celebrate her life. It was a cool spring day, the sun was high, and those who stood before the crowd to invoke the memory of the alternative superstar had also been her friends. Woodlawn's image was being projected on the wall behind them—scenes from her many films, spanning 40 years. Sheets of tattered, pale pink silk hung from the railings above us, near the rows of yellow and blue industrial lights lining the ceiling.

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