Hollywood Parties Now Have "Texting-Only Zones"

Last week while at the annual T-Mobile Sidekick party at the old Robinson's May compound in Beverly Hills (where my mother used to take me as a child), I spied a new party perk among the customary treats I see at at Hollywood parties, including performances from A-List artists (the Strokes played), plenty of food (Katsuya catered and there was a "T-Mobile Ice Cream Bar") and extracurricular activities for those who do not like to dance (video games, laser tag, pool and foosball).

Inside a library-themed nook at the party was a sign that read "SHHH ... Texting Only!" And that's exactly what it was! A quiet zone for those who need to get some texting done! Guests caught texting at the party include Emile Hirsch, Nicky Hilton, Whitney Port, Justin Murdock, Paula Abdul, Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor), Robin William's daughter Zelda Williams and more. See more pic and read the rest at The Daily Truffle.

This post was written by Lauren Q. Brokaw for The Daily Truffle.