Hollywood Politics: 2011's Top Celebrity/Politician Stories (PHOTOS)

While it's been said that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, it's the beautiful people who have found themselves -- with increasing frequency -- crashing the parties in DC.

For a non-election year, 2011 has been a banner time for the intermingling of politics and celebrity. From publicly smacking down of GOP candidates and supporting Occupy Wall Street to takedowns of former darling President Obama, big stars have gone beyond the usual money-giving and quiet advocacy to become forces in the news cycle. Progressives such as Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin have drawn headlines, as have arch-conservatives such as former "SNL" star Victoria Jackson. Whether that means entertainers are getting smarter, or politics is becoming entertainment, it's hard to say, but it's certainly drawn attention to issues both left and right.

Here are some of the top Hollywood Politics stories of 2011; suggest others in the comments.

Hollywood Politics 2011