A Screenwriter Paid For A Full Page Ad In The Hollywood Reporter To Pitch 'Die Hard 6'

Definitely sounds better than the last one.

A big budget Hollywood studio and an array of writers and directors have had five chances to perfect the "Die Hard" formula -- some more successfully than others (cough Jai Courtney cough) -- so maybe it's about time someone a little less well-known took a crack at it. 

According to the AV Club, independent screenwriter Eric D. Wilkinson took out a full page ad in The Hollywood Reporter to pitch his own version of the beloved action series that first introduced Bruce Willis' John McClane to audiences in 1988.

Now that's what we call entrepreneurial spirit!

Wilkinson, who describes himself as a "crazy addict" for all things "Die Hard," decided to take the franchise's future into his own hands. His proposed origin story would flash between past and present versions of McClane, as he wrestles with the murder of a child 34 years ago, while stopping a terrorist attack during a prison riot in present day. 

The always reliable Twitterverse immediately jumped on the story and one user shared a snapshot of the ad on her Instagram account.

Check out Wilkinson's pitch below.

Wilkinson's idea entitled "Die Hard: Year One" comes to a head when McClane is imprisoned for the murder of a suspected sex-trafficker, unaware that two deadly terrorists are also housed at the "supermax" prison. 

We're gonna let Wilkinson's ending speak for itself. 

“However, the one thing [the] terrorists didn’t count on was the one man who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time," he wrote. "And when it comes to John McClane, old habits die hard.”

You sold?

Len Wiseman, director of "Live Free or Die Hard," confirmed that a sixth installment of the series was already in development and released an initial image on his Instagram in October. 

We don't know about you, but Wilkinson might be the shot of energy "Die Hard" needs. Not that we didn't enjoy Maggie Q throwing Bruce Willis down an elevator shaft.  

Wilkinson tweeted this message to his followers before news of his pitch broke. 



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