Hollywood Thinks California's Prop 18 Is Hard to Swallow

Governor Schwarzenegger is promoting Proposition 18, a massive $11 billion water bond to help big agribusiness at the expense of essential services. Sagging poll numbers have the Governor and legislative leaders trying to move the measure until 2012 when it might be more likely to pass.

But Governor Schwarzenegger isn't the only celebrity weighing in on the future of the state's water. We asked a few of our friends in Hollywood what they thought of the water bond and the prospect postponing it for two years. They all had the same reaction, and we captured it all on video.

Coined by its backers as the Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act, the only thing the $11 billion water bond is guaranteed to do is increase the state's $19 billion deficit. It will set aside $3 billion for new dams--the most expensive and least efficient means of managing water supplies. And, despite the dams being built with public funds at the expense of education, health care, public safety and state park funding, these dams may even be owned or controlled by private companies for a profit.

To highlight the need to scrap rather than delay the water bond, Food & Water Watch teamed up with creative geniuses Nancy Hower and John Lehr, who put together this spot featuring well known television personalities. The ad features David DeLuise from Wizards of Waverly Place, Anna Belknap of CSI: NY, Kelli Williams from Lie to Me and formerly on The Practice, and Justine Bateman, best known for Family Ties.

The spot is part of the No on 18 campaign to scrap the water bond rather than have it delayed until 2012. To take action and get involved, go to www.nowaterbond.com/spit.