Hollywood's First 'Militainment' Company Signs Movie Deal

Branded by the Hollywood Reporter as a "Militainment" Production Company, Zulu 7 Productions signed its first major deal with one of America's leading entertainment distributors.

With America's love for military themed movies, Zulu 7 Productions created a one of a kind production company founded by America's best and brightest -- U.S. Special Operators, Intelligence Officers, and Defense Contractors.

With its creators, Zulu 7 Productions has access to hundreds of current and former service members capable of being showcased in future films. This was a major selling point for key distribution houses which led to a major bidding war.

After walking into the office of the President of one of the more famous productions houses in America and revealing an idea to create a film that blends the movie Act of Valor with the television show The Walking Dead, a deal was signed.

While an action packed movie which entails US Navy SEALs putting a bunch of zombies back into their graves is the first big thing to come to Zulu 7 Productions, they have already made an impact in Hollywood long before this deal was ever signed.

In November, Zulu 7 worked alongside Co-Executive Producers Paul Bernard and Peter O'Fallon in season two of the FXX television hit series Legit. During this period, a cast of former military personnel were needed and time was of the essence. Bernard made a phone call to Zulu 7 and within a seventy-two hour period, more than forty veterans showed up on set.

Prior to November, several Zulu 7 members worked with television networks on military oriented shows like Stars Earn Stripes and One Man Army, among others. They have been behind the scenes working as military technical advisors and consultants for several box office hits such as Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Act of Valor, and Captain Philips.

Zulu 7 Productions has moved well beyond the threshold working as consultants, technical advisors, and even cast and crew. Today, Zulu 7 is moving forward in its expansion as a true production company having signed a deal to create a feature film.

A big congratulation goes out to some of America's best and brightest as they observed some of Hollywood's pitfalls, identified opportunities, and found a way to capitalize. This is what our veterans are capable of--thinking outside the box, taking a calculated risk, and seizing the moment.

Zulu 7 Productions is leading by example and is apparently now a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. If you're into action packed military themed movies that utilize real special operators and love a good zombie flick, stay tuned because come 2014, you will be getting the best of both worlds from Zulu 7 Productions.

Kerry Patton is author of the newly released book Going Rogue: The Compilation.