Holocaust Survivor Meets Veteran Who Saved Him In Tearful Reunion


There were tears, hugs and kisses as 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Marcel Levy came face-to-face with the soldier who saved his life. It's been 71 years since WWII veteran Sid Shafner, 94, helped liberate thousands of prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp in 1945. But for the two old friends, the memories came flooding back.

"Everything I have today, all of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, is due to you," Levy told Shafner, according to ABC News. 

Shafner was flown to an Israeli military base for the reunion, organized by the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, a not-for-profit organization. 

The two embraced and kissed each other on the cheek when they met in what was an overwhelmingly emotional moment.

Levy, who was only a teen when he was saved by Shafner, was the last remaining survivor of his family when he was freed. Shafner invited Levy to come and wash dishes for his troop, he told CBS4 Denver, and Levy happily agreed. 

At their meeting, earlier this month, Shafner was honored for his bravery during a Holocaust remembrance ceremony. Levy presented him with a plaque which read, "You came like a warrior angel ... and carried me into the light."

A family member told Shafner, "We know because of you, we have Marcel. Thank you very much."



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