'Home Alone' Star Reprises Role To Respond To Macaulay Culkin

The wet bandits are back!

Merry Christmas again, ya filthy animals.

The holiday started early for "Home Alone" fans this year when Macaulay Culkin reprised his movie role this month in the new web series "DRYVRS." In Culkin's video, Kevin McCallister has become a deranged killer out to stop home invaders, and now one of the home invaders who made him that way is freaking out about it.

Actor Daniel Stern, who played Marv in "Home Alone," recently posted a video reprising his movie role to respond to Culkin. In video, Marv calls for his old partner and fellow wet bandit, Harry, to come find him. He's seen what Kevin McCallister has become. And he's terrified.

Will Harry, aka actor Joe Pesci, come to Marv's rescue? If not, getting hit in the head with paint cans is the least of his worries.

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