Home-based Business Success and Not Quitting

I made a video today regarding some success principles my mentor gave me. We all go through various phases of success when we start building a home based business.

Here are the four phases in creating success online

1. Desperation
2. Comfort
3. Inspiration
4. Momentum / Creating Success (This is when you are creating success easily and you have moved out of the going through the three phases. Success means many different things to everyone, so define your own definition of success).

Desperation: Will happen at some level for most people when they join an online business or home base business. As they might have some extra bills to pay and need to earn some extra money fast.

It's ok to feel desperate, we all go through emotional states. Your mind is making you aware of your state and gives you the power to change to a state that will serve you better. Think of your major purpose in life and your burning desire of what you want.

Desperation can be a good motivator to drive you and get you laser focused as you do not have a plan B.

The flip side of desperation can come through the way you write, the way you do your videos and this can come through as desperate. So just be aware of that and push through the desperation phase. This will pass keep thinking about your definite major purpose in life, practice positive thinking and creating a positive mental attitude and asking your mentors for help and guidance.

Comfort: Phase is when you are starting to see some results but you start to lose track of your goals and you lose your momentum.

The best thing to do is to get back on your training you received from your mentors. Make sure the people you are around are empowering you. Watch motivational videos and get in touch with your mentor and ask them to help you to get back on track.


Inspiration: Is when you are feeling inspired and confident, you are meeting the right people and they inspire you. You have a daily routine of talking to your team, reading positive books, listening to your teams training hangouts and getting inspired by your mentors.

You will experience going through all three phases desperation, comfort, inspiration and cycle between them. That is ok and it's just a guide for you to make you aware of what is happening, when going through these different phases. This gives you the awareness and power to move into the next phase.

Momentum / Creating Success: Here you have moved into a leadership role and people seek you out and want to be in association with you. Money starts to flow towards you with less effort. You start to create a mastermind group of successful people who help you to create more success and gain more confidence in creating a home based business success.

Your Why and Home based business Success


Your why is your biggest formula to create success in your Home based business.
This formula can be used for any goal you want to achieve in life. Be friendly with people you meet. Look to see how you can help others, be a go giver and not a go getter.

The only limitations we have are what we put into our own mind. You need to ask yourself what is your DEEP why and purpose in life.

When you dig deep inside for your deeper why and meaning of what you want to achieve. This can be very powerful and give you an aha moment that will give you your major purpose in life and drive you to attain your burning desire.

This will make you get up earlier in the morning and work late at night, as you have clarity and a major definite purpose to go for your vision.

Think of your vision daily, write this down and read it in the morning and just before you go to bed at night. Put passion in your voice when you read your definite major purpose and read this out loud.

Exercise: Get a piece of paper and create your definite major purpose in life and achieve any goal you what to achieve.

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