Home For Thanksgiving! Brad and Angelina's Showdown in Missouri

Brad Pitt will be the man in the middle between Angelina Jolie and his mom at the dinner table this Thursday — and if you believe some of the reports, there is no love lost between these two ladies.
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If you think you're stressing over turkey recipes, brining and basting this Thanksgiving, consider yourself lucky. And if you think you've got family drama for whatever reason — because we all do — then again just be grateful that you're not Brad Pitt. All the perks of stardom and $100 million in the bank can do nothing to diminish the fact that he'll be the man in the middle between Angelina Jolie and his mom, Jane Pitt, at the dinner table this Thursday. And if you believe some of the reports — and I do — there is no love lost between these two ladies, to say the least.

That's not to say that Brad didn't help bring this tense situation on himself. According to our sources at Star magazine, Brad is the one who is insisting that his better half, their four kids and their entourage private-jet into his hometown of Springfield, Missouri to break bread with his parents and the rest of his family. And Angie can't be thrilled about it.

Imagine how she feels. Jane Pitt has been publicly spotted several times dining, hugging, and even visiting her former daughter-in-law Jennifer Aniston at home, since the exes became exes. That in itself would qualify as monster-in-law material for lesser women. Then I'm sure Angelina got quite the earful from Brad's mom after she confessed to British Cosmopolitan that she took a wild trip to Disneyland while high on LSD. "I've done just about every drug possible. Coke, heroin, ecstasy, everything," Angelina admitted to the mag. Clearly, she wasn't thinking about how her words were going to play back in Missouri when she gave the interview.

Then again, think of it from Jane Pitt's perspective. How do she and her husband Bill, perfectly normal non-Hollywood people, explain that kind of confession to their hometown friends? How do they deal with a "daughter-in-law" who's also admitted that she used to like to cut herself, wear the blood of her last husband around her neck and boasted publicly about the unbelievable sex life she had with that last husband? It would be a wonder if Jane didn't have agita.

I think we can all wish Brad good luck coping with the conversation around that dinner table.

But Brangelina isn't the only Hollywood couple facing turkey day trauma. Many A-listers hail from humble beginnings and have to face returning to their roots sometimes if they want to retain any relationship with their families.

If Ashton Kutcher wants to see his mom, Diane, and twin brother, Michael, this Thanksgiving, he has to drop into Homestead, Iowa, population 103. When his private charter lands, it's like a tornado from the land of Oz touching down in...well you know where. Poor Diane then has to worry about cooking for her cougarlicious daughter-in-law Demi and her three daughters by Bruce Willis, including the newly named Miss Golden Globe, Rumer Willis. And then, what about Diane's dishes and silverware? Are they up to A list? And is the house clean enough? You know the drill. We'd all be quaking, too.

On the other hand, there are a couple of mothers of Hollywood biggies that are thanking their lucky stars this Thanksgiving. Mrs. Gyllenhaal is no doubt thrilled to add extra place-settings to her table for Jake's new mom-friendly paramour Reese Witherspoon and her adorable offspring. Any mother would welcome Oscar-winning Witherspoon who's never been seen partied-out like Jake's last love, wild child Kirsten Dunst.

And seemingly down-to-earth Jen Garner who's been photographed fresh-faced shopping in farmers' markets must seem heaven-sent to Ben Affleck's mom, Chris. When Ben was engaged to La Lopez, Chris' modest Boston home was overrun by paparazzi every time her son and JLo came to town. It was impossible for them to slip in unnoticed since JLo couldn't seem to travel entourage-less.

If you're still dreading going home for the holidays and are freaking over who you're having for dinner, just take comfort in this: in a poll of Star readers, 78% think that despite all, Brad would be right if he insisted that Angie meet the in-laws for Thanksgiving. Not even A-listers can avoid obligation, and neither can you.

Angelina's Thanksgiving Showdown! Should Brad Insist On Angie Visiting His Family?


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