Home From War, Sergeant Swann Faces New Battles in "Fort Bliss"

For those who have deployed overseas, the daily routine, sandy monochromatic environment, and sound of rotary aircraft passing overhead at all hours can be comforting. For many of us, we enjoyed our most sound sleep while on a cot in the desert whilst mice scurried along the inside edge of the tent. The battles faced once returning home prove to be the real challenge. We discover that friends and family have moved on, we are told that "we have changed," and a nagging guilt lingers about tactical mistakes or fallen friends. Additional tours supply agony -- some long to protect brothers and sisters in the field, but feel responsibility to serve family at home.

Fort Bliss, a new film starring Michelle Monaghan tells the story of Army Staff Sergeant Maggie Swann. A decorated combat medic and heroine on the battlefield, she returns from her second tour of duty in Afghanistan to discover a fractured home situation: her five-year-old son no longer recognizes her as mommy and her ex-husband has already started a new family. Just as she starts to enjoy time in garrison to rebuild a bond with her son, the Army propels her into a new role of great responsibility.

Swann will make you laugh with her dry humor and make you proud as she exhibits great emotional intelligence and leadership with her soldiers. You will see how combat stress manifests differently in those who have returned from war. Ultimately, you will realize that there are scenarios that our men and women (particularly women!) in uniform have to endure everyday that you could never imagine.

Fort Bliss is not your typical hooah war film, though from the opening scene of the film, you immediately want Staff Sergeant Swann in your foxhole. The character of Maggie is a composite of actual American soldiers from today's conflicts. The film gives a taste of the many emotions and situations our servicemembers juggle each day.

Over 2.5 million women have slicked back their hair and donned a uniform for this country. They have honorably served, often making numerous personal sacrifices for the red, white, and blue. This film is a snapshot into what hopefully is a larger conversation about the many sheros amongst us today.

Fort Bliss premieres today in three U.S. cities: the AMC Empire 25, 234 West 42nd Street in New York City, at the AMC Burbank 8, 201 E. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California, and at the Grand 10 Theater, 1619 Pleasonton Rd, Fort Bliss, Texas. Box office success this weekend can help bring this great film to a city near you. Fort Bliss is also available through video on demand starting today. Veterans and civilians alike will enjoy this touching drama of service and sacrifice. Head to the movies and take a trip to Fort Bliss this weekend, that's an order!