8 Holiday Gifts Anyone With A Home Will Love

It may be true that there's no place like home for the holidays, but we happen to think the adage rings true pretty much any time of year. And so, we asked 8 homemakers we love (read: designers and bloggers with impeccable taste) to share with us the things that they most look forward to unwrapping this holiday season, and cozying up next to long after that.

These are a few of their favorite things:

Emily Henderson: Stylist, Blogger, HGTV Host
"Hedgehogs are kinda trendy right now, and while I know first hand that they aren’t exactly cuddly pets, this lamp sure is adorable. It's whimsical, well, BECAUSE IT'S A HEDGEHOG, but with the white, gold and black color palette, it has a sophistication about it that could go with a lot of different styles. You might surprise someone when you give it to them ('I thought of you when I saw this!’), but I personally would love to own this little buddy." Room 365 Hedgehog Figural Table Lamp with Gold Foil Shade, from $49.99, target.com
Taniya Nayak: Designer, HGTV/Food Network Personality
"I love this Stone Napkin Holder by Nambe as a holiday gift – it’s great for friends, colleagues, and family – and it makes an ideal hostess gift! This is a stylish accessory for entertaining, keeping your cocktail napkins in place with flair. As a bonus, you can have the stone engraved with an initial to make the gift even more personal." Stone Napkin Holder, $78, nambe.com
Mrs. Lilien: Blogger, Arbiter Of Elusive Ladylike Pleasures
"I’m BIG into HIGH gifting, the kind of bring-you-to-your-knees bestowal. This year I’m so thrilled with my LITERAL theme. Thanks to the Tzar of the potting arts Jonathan Adler, I have many pots to fill and many fabulous people to give them to! Now, just to lock down a reliable seller of BULK eyelashes…" Vice canisters, from $28, jonathanadler.com
Jeff Andrews: Interior Designer, Kardashian Insider
"During the Holiday season, who doesn’t love to receive an iconic orange box? One of my favorite gifts to give (or receive) is the classic Hermes Avalon Blanket. Simple, chic and luxurious with the “H” as a hint to great taste." Avalon Blanket, $3,225, usa.hermes.com
Nate Berkus: Interior Designer, Oprah BFF
“I’m a huge candle person. I always have one burning when I’m home. They just bring so much to every room, fragrance and lighting-wise. Besides that, they make great gifts. This year I’m loving the look of my own candle. So much so that it’s going to be my go-to hostess gift and stocking stuffer….hope no one on my list is reading this!” Nate Berkus Filled Candle, $12.99, target.com
Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman: A Beautiful Mess
"A favorite of ours is coffee mugs! We are avid coffee and tea drinkers ourselves so we envision this gift getting a lot of mileage." Utopia Reversible Boy/Girl Mug, $32, jonathanadler.com
Drew Scott: Property Brother, Real Estate Pro
"Apple TV. Not only can you use it at home to watch anything (including Netflix, YouTube, etc.), you can take it with you on the road so that you have access to any movies or music, while traveling." Apple TV, $99, apple.com
Jonathan Scott: Property Brother, Contractor, Magician
"I love the Nest Thermostat as it learns your habits and actually makes it easy to be energy efficient." Nest Thermostat, $250, store.nest.com
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