Your Home In 2030 Will Be Smarter Than You (PHOTOS)

LOOK: This Is What Your Home Will Look Like In 2030

We already know that the home of the future will connect your appliances to your phone and host a robotic butler that will transform entertainment forever, but the changes certainly don't stop there.

Based on a report from the UK nonprofit Forum for the Future, which teamed up with a consumer insight firm and used a detailed historical analysis of consumer trends from the mid-1950s to the present to model the products we might be seeing down the road, our houses will look very different in less than 20 years. And while no ultrasonic dishwashers are included in this "window into future needs, opportunities, issues and markets," to say the gadgets they created are futuristic is quite the understatement.

The Bathroom GP
Bathroom fixtures that monitor your health while you do your business? That's exactly what this series of products is. During a routine trip, everything from your vital signs to potential illnesses gets screened and analyzed by Dr. Loo and Dr. Sink before Dr. Mirror displays it all for your viewing pleasure.
forum for the future

The Waterless Washing Machine
A waterless washing machine might sound almost as ridiculous as, say, a waterless dishwasher, but with increasing instances of droughts and tightening water regulations, they're definitely on to something here with their idea of a "100 percent clean, one percent water tariff" program. It's basically an exchange with water utilities where customers get their inefficient appliance replaced with an ultra-water efficient washing machine that they essentially lease. Consumers are credited the value of the old appliance upon exchanging and simply pay a fee that covers the machine, maintenance and repairs.
forum for the future

The Mo. Mo. Molecule Scanner
If you have a 3-D printer, then this invention will tell you if you can use it to re-create household items. Running low on paper towels? All you'll have to do is scan a roll and it will tell you what it's made from and whether or not you can whip some up with your printer.
forum for the future

H/T to Fast Co. Exist for bringing our attention to this impressive futuristic line.

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