Home Invader Charged With Attempting To Steal Beer, Stabbing Man With Corkscrew

Home Invader In Search Of Beer Stabs Man With Corkscrew

A Chicago man allegedly broke into two apartments in the city's Bucktown neighborhood early Saturday demanding beer and stabbing one man with a corkscrew, according to authorities.

Timothy Snyder, a 36-year-old hotel event coordinator of the 1500 block of North Milwaukee, is charged with entering two apartments on the 1300 block of North Dean around 4 a.m. Saturday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

In one apartment, Snyder reportedly beelined toward the fridge and then punched a man when he did not come upon any libations. In the second apartment, he stabbed the resident in the back with a corkscrew, according to the Tribune. The stabbing victim's wound required 28 staples and 25 stitches to be closed up.

After police arrived, the home invader, who reportedly reeked of alcohol, threatened a Chicago police officer, saying, "I live in the district ... I'm going to kill your ass -- you can't lock me up forever," before asking, "Want some AIDS?" and spitting at him, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Snyder has been charged with two counts of home invasion and two more counts of aggravated battery. The man already has criminal convictions for aggravated battery and domestic battery on his record, according to the Sun-Times. His bail has been set at $250,000.

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