14 Home Organization Items From Target That Neat Freaks Will Love

If spring cleaning is calling your name, these products will make a world of difference.

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s house and marveled at its orderly state, you probably know a super organized person. This person never loses anything, rarely has to do any clutter-clearing and can tell you exactly where every important document is.

While it’s true that some of us are naturally more organized than others, having a super-organized, non-chaotic space can also come down to owning things that enable that kind of order. So if you’re looking to get organized this spring, start with these 14 products from Target.

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Non-slip hangers
If you've ever felt frustrated by the amount of carefully hung clothes that somehow end up strewn all over your closet floor, look no further than these non-slip hangers. Made with a velvety material, these hangers will help your clothes stay on the rack more easily. As a nice bonus, they're also major space-savers because they're so thin compared to bulky wooden hangers.
Drawer organizer trays
We all have a junk drawer. But guess what? Your junk drawer doesn't have to be chaotic. By adding a few of these drawer organizer trays, you can separate the pens from the scissors and the rubber bands. That way, if you actually need anything in your junk drawer. you'll be able to find it easily.
A stackable bathroom countertop organizer
Bathroom countertops are famous for getting messy quickly. Avoid this with a clear and compact stackable set of drawers, which can house anything from your makeup brushes to Band-Aids and contact lenses.
An entryway hook rail for mail and keys
Always looking for your keys and misplacing important pieces of mail? With this entryway rail, you can avoid that. Simply hang your keys on one of the hooks when you walk in the door, and add mail to the envelope. And since the envelope is on the smaller side, you won't have the option to let it get too overstuffed.
An over-the-door shoe organizer
Nothing takes a space from organized to messy faster than shoes that have no home. This over-the-door shoe organizer has 24 pockets, or enough room for 12 pairs of shoes. Plus, it doesn't take up much space!
A hanging file box
In the digital age, having a vessel to house important documents isn't quite as crucial as it once was. We still have some paper documents, though, and having a system to keep them organized can save a lot of time and stress. You know that panicky moment when you can't find your birth certificate? Yep, this cute hanging file box can help you avoid that.
An over-the-door organizer for under the kitchen sink
Cabinets tend to get messy and cramped quickly. Skip the mess and add space by hanging a few over these over-the door organizers to your cabinets—they're especially useful for under the kitchen sink and can house sponges, cleaning sprays, and more.
A turntable for easier access to obscure oils and spices
Picture this: You want to try a new recipe that calls for sesame oil, and you know you have it somewhere, but when you finally find it it's turned over in the back of your cabinet, leaking. If you invest in a Lazy Susan-style turntable that can be stored in your cabinets, whenever you're looking for something, you can just give it a spin.
Storage bins for the fridge
Fridges get real messy, real fast. Keep things organized with these clear storage bins, which will fit seamlessly into your fridge and stop you from losing track of that head of lettuce and package of basil.
A rotating spice rack
While necessary, spices aren't exactly easy to keep organized. A rotating spice rack like this one is a great tool for keeping your spices in order ... and it will probably help you avoid buying your fifth bottle of cayenne pepper.
A storage bin (or five) for all those toys
Any organized parent of little kids knows one thing to be true: Bins and baskets are key. All those toys need somewhere to go at the end of the day, and some functional, pretty cloth bins like these ones can help keep your kids' space clean-feeling and tidy.
A mesh pencil holder for work knicknacks
Whether you work from home or you're back in the office, this mesh pencil holder—which, spoiler alert, isn't just for pencils—will keep clutter from gathering in your workspace.
A Metal Organizer for Extra Closet Storage
Who says closets are only for hanging clothes? Super organized people know that if you want to keep your closet orderly, you need a good set of drawers like this one.
A closet organization kit
If you're ready to take your organization skills to the next level, splurge on this DIY closet organization kit, complete with everything you need to craft a more organized closet, including an all-steel rail and shelving units. This one fits any closet that's 3-6 feet wide.

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