11 Home Organization Must-Haves That'll Make You Feel Like Marie Kondo

These simple products help declutter everything from your pantry to your underwear drawer.

Even if your home isn’t hoarders-level cluttered, there’s a good chance that there are some areas that could use some organizing. Maybe it’s your makeshift work from home space, a place you never imagined spending so much time pre-pandemic and now it’s a cluttered mess. Or maybe the changing of seasons has motivated you to clean out your closet and finally organize it in a way that makes getting dressed in the morning a little easier.

There are also those parts of the house with clutter that add a mild annoyance to your life on a regular basis, like the junk drawer in the kitchen or piles of shoes on your closet floor. Whatever you want to tackle and organize, there are some handy dandy tools that make it easier—and they can all be found at Walmart.

Ready to see everything you need? The 11 items here will have your home looking so organized, Marie Kondo would be impressed.

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A gold desk organizer
Work is stressful enough and a cluttered space makes it even more so. This gold organizer gives a home to notebooks, pens, Post-Its and other desk accessories.
Office paper organizer
If your home office is cluttered with paper, a simple stacked letter tray like this will give you a place to put them and keep your desk clear.
Sock drawer organizer
Unlike shirts, which are easy to fold, socks and underwear can get disheveled pretty quickly leaving your dresser drawer a big ‘ol mess. The solution? This organizer, which gives both socks and underwear their own personal space. You can also use it for belts and ties.
Shoe organizer
For only $7 you can get 12 pairs of shoes off of your closet floor, instantly making your closet feel more spacious. This organizer simply hooks on the back of your closet door and gives you a way to look at your fave go-to pairs all at once.
Brizi Living
Pot and pan rack
If every time you reach for a pot or pan leads to annoying metal clashing, you need this rack. Pots, pans, lids … it holds them all.
Single Tracts LLC
Pantry organizer bins
The pantry is one place that gets cluttered real quick—even more so if you have kids who are always reaching in there for snacks. Using plastic bins helps keep items like chips separate from spices, grains and baking supplies. It makes it easier to tell if you’re running low on something, too.
Mind Reader
Tea bag organizer
Tea lovers, this one’s for you. Instead of taking up valuable kitchen space with half-filled boxes of tea, stash your tea bags in these nine little drawers. There’s even a place for sugar packets.
Junk drawer organizer
Everyone has a junk drawer, home to all the random knick knacks you have no idea where to put anywhere else. A holder with different size bins like this one will transform your drawer from chaos to, well, organized chaos.
Digital organizer and storage case
USB cords, chargers, old iPads and phones… tech clutter can take up a lot of space. This holder not only organizes it, but also serves as a case so you can stash it in a closet, entertainment center, or anywhere else it makes sense to keep your tech goods.
Shower shelf
If you’re trying to fit your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and razor all on the four corners of the tub, this shelf will instantly upgrade your shower experience. There’s even a little hook for your loofah and washcloth.
Hair tool organizer
There’s something about a hair tool organizer that will make you feel like a celebrity. This one has designated sections for brushes, hot tools and products—everything you need.

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