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Home Remedies For Burns: Foods You Can Use As Medicine

You know the saying, if you play with fire you'll get burned? Well, it's true. And the proof is in the kitchen.

If you've spent any time cooking, we're willing to bet you've had your fair share of run-ins with a blistering oven or a scorching pan that resulted in a burn. While a serious burn should be treated professionally, most people find their own home remedies when it comes to smaller burns. And many of them involve food.

We've heard of some of these food-related remedies before (and maybe even tried them), but others came as a surprise and we're not sure we'd ever give them a shot. While we're not advising, in any way, that you try these at home (over the counter medicine is a safer solution), we are curious as to what you think of these home remedies. Are they a good idea for treating an injury or just plain dumb?

Do you have a better remedy that didn't make the list? Share it with us.

Home Remedies For Burns