Home Renovations Make 12 Percent of Couples Consider Divorce, According To Houzz Survey

The Surprising Home Problem That May Lead Couples To Divorce

Although it's exciting to start a home renovation, there are, of course, some drawbacks. Remodeling projects can go over budget, get behind schedule and, according to design and home improvement website Houzz, wreak havoc on relationships.

More than half of the respondents from a survey distributed by the site reported that renovating was a particularly frustrating and stressful time in their marriages. And a surprising 12 percent even admitted that their projects led them to consider a separation or divorce. Yikes! But what are couples fighting over?

One third attested their conflicts to battling styles, according to the survey. Marriage counselor Julie Schwartz Gottman discussed the topic of disagreeing over design with The Wall Street Journal and said "if somebody doesn't feel understood, it can sit there festering and trickle out into the rest of the marriage."

To overcome this, Maxwell Ryan from Apartment Therapy suggests that instead of attempting to mix personalities within the same space, let each spouse have a room to decorate as they wish. But that's as long as one partner hasn't already thrown out the other's stuff without them knowing, a habit of one in five of the respondents. The biggest offenders reported were old furniture, posters and artwork.

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