'Home Run Hitler' In School Yearbook: One Heil Of A Typo Describes Baseball Player (PHOTO)

Thanks to what appears to be a horrible yearbook typo, a young slugger has been congratulated for being a "Home Run Hitler."

Scroll to view a photo of the embarrassing typo below, but if you'd like to see some of the more, um, memorable swings by Reddit users, stop here:

"Three Reichs and you're out."
"Seriously though, how did the proofreader Nazi that?"
"You have to be careful when you face Auschwitz hitter."

"Born 20 years earlier, and he would've been drafted by the Reds," the sports site wrote, presumably referencing now-deceased Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott, who expressed support for Hitler.

The headline of the Imgur entry reads: "Terrible typo I found in my school's yearbook." If this oversight is real, that would be a terrible understatement.

The poor player. At least J.C. Penney's Hitler teapot won't have teammates and family to face.


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