You've Never Seen A Home Run Robbed Like This Before

Adults can play a little whiffle ball too, ya know?

Here's some serious dedication to America's favorite backyard pastime. 

On the patchy Hess Field, in Scotia, New York, these fully uniformed whiffle ballers have a backstop and accompanying behind-the-plate camera setup. There's even a scoreboard centered specifically for the camera. And, of course, there's a customized league website that keeps track of all their stats. 

But the best play came during the third inning when Jesse Horwedel robbed a home run -- well, sort of. Teammate Zac Longo actually made the catch, but Horwedel started it. That makes no sense in baseball terms, but see f0r yourself.

TIPPED BALL! Look at these wannabe NFL defenders lay out to make whiffle ball plays. 

Following the undeniable football influence permeating throughout the highlight, this may be the only time you'll ever see someone spike a whiffle ball in celebration:

Horwedel and Longo's team eventually won the game to take a 2-0 lead in the Hess Field Wiffle Ball World Series. Game 3 of the best-of-five series is scheduled to go down this Sunday.

Can we get an ESPN 8 "The Ocho" stream for Game 3? More athletic innovation is definitely about to go down at Hess Field. 

Whiffle on, ballers. 

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