'Home Video Commentaries': Brothers Give Directors' Commentary For Their Home Movies (VIDEO)

Every year, Christmas break marks a tidal wave of "when we were younger" photos being uploaded to people's Facebook accounts while they sit in their parents' houses and look through old family albums. You know what we're talking about -- photos of babies in bikinis and retro-looking toddler bros in oversized sunglasses.

Well John and Richard Ramsey (aka the Ramsey Brothers), whose YouTube account is usually used to house their sketch comedy videos and commercial parodies, decided to do everyone one better this year and upload some of their old home movies. But they took things a step further and added their own director's commentary to the clips.

So if you've ever sat back with an "American Beauty" DVD and thought, "Thank goodness for this featurette about the significance of lines in the opening scenes," you're gonna love what the Ramseys have to say about noogies and Air Jordans.

We've picked our favorite clip above, but you can check out the other two here.

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