Homeboy Sandman Opens Up On Origins, Childhood Influences (VIDEO)

Black Voices takes a look at the hottest influencers and tastemakers today and goes behind the scenes to provide a personal look at their lives, their vision, their passion.

This week’s installment of our “Influencer” series features Queens, New York MC, Homeboy Sandman, as he takes us down memory lane and opens up on some of his childhood influences.

While blasting hit songs from the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, the 32-year-old rapper (born Angel Del Villar II) revealed that it was his father, a former pugilist turned attorney, who inspired him the most.

“My father didn’t know nothing about this country except for, when you come from Dominican Republic, everybody says ‘Ah America, everyone from there are doctors and lawyers,’” he explained.

“My father says, ‘I’m going to become a lawyer.’ Cats were like, ‘Angel, you must’ve got hit too hard in your last fight…you are not becoming a lawyer, what are you talking about.’ My father is now a community lawyer with his own practice in Corona, Queens…Helps people, immigration, criminal, community based dude – helping out, having fun doing what he wants to do every day.”

Check out more of Homeboy Sandman’s inspirational story in the clip above.

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