Homeboy Sandman Gives Back Through Philanthropy And Music (VIDEO)

WATCH: Homeboy Sandman Gives Back Through Philanthropy And Music

Black Voices takes a look at the hottest influencers and tastemakers today and goes behind the scenes to provide a personal look at their lives, their vision, their passion.

This week’s “Influencer” episode features part 2 of Queens, New York MC, Homeboy Sandman, as he opens up on his philanthropic efforts. In addition to his affiliation with non-profit organization, Citizen Schools, the 32-year-old rapper explained what separates him from other rappers.

“There’s a lot of cats that benefit from you not thinking for yourself. Make the decision to do what you want to do. There’s choices people have that they don’t even know they have. That’s what I really feel my records are about.”

“It’s the opposite of telling people the right way to live. It’s the opposite of that, cause there is no right way to live…when you see uniformity, that’s undisputed evidence that people are not being themselves. People are looking the same way, rapping about the same thing, everything is very similar. It’s not only hip-hop.”

Check out more of Homeboy Sandman’s inspirational story in the clip above, and part one of his interview below.

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