11 Girls Turned Away From Homecoming Dance For Dressing 'Immodestly'

Nearly a dozen girls were turned away from Utah's Bingham High School homecoming dance last Saturday, according to FOX 13's KTSU. The reason? Their "immodest" dresses.

Erika Shepherd was one of the students deemed "immodestly" dressed, she told KTSU.

"They pulled me to the side and asked me to twirl around to see if I was immodest, then made me sit against the wall," she said. "And while I was sitting against the wall there was about 10 other girls that were sitting there being embarrassed.” Erika's floor-length dress was considered "too low" in the back, and she was told to either put a jacket on or go home and change.

The Bingham High School dress code for dances is described on the school's website: "Dresses should cover chest and back at the top of the armpit and should be secure and stay in position. Hemlines should go no higher than mid-thigh when seated."

Assistant principal Janalee Taylor told KTSU that the school's dress code is "very clear," but both students and parents are saying it was applied unfairly. This past Monday, about 100 students staged a walk-out protest against the dress code policy.

Student Maddi Rowley has since started a Change.org petition urging Bingham High School to refund tickets for students and their dates who were turned away from the dance. So far, the petition has collected just over 600 signatures.

[h/t: Gawker]

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