'Homecoming,' Short Gay Marriage Film, Aims To Rally Support For Equality Through Social Media (VIDEO)

WATCH: Poignant Short Video Aims To Rally Gay Marriage Supporters In U.K.

A poignant short film aims to rally support for gay marriage in the U.K. through social media.

Produced by the Coalition for Equal Marriage, a British marriage equality advocacy group, the new movie is titled "Homecoming," and depicts a soldier embracing his boyfriend on a military tarmac before a romantic proposal and passionate kiss.

"All men can be heroes," a tagline reads. "All men can be husbands. End marriage discrimination."

Director Mike Buonaiuto told Pink News that his own desire to marry his longterm partner inspired him to make the film. "One day I would like to marry my partner of almost 5 years and the celebration of our commitment should mean no more or less than any other straight couple," he said. "I made the film to promote change and also inspire others to use their creativity to support equality and make history happen, not sit back and passively watch it."

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