'Homefront' Trailer Finds James Franco Taking On Jason Statham In Sylvester Stallone-Penned Movie

There's an inordinate amount going on in the new trailer for "Homefront," which stars Jason Statham as a former DEA officer who rumbles with Gator, a meth drug lord played by James Franco. The opening shots show two children sparring on a playground, and by the end the clip escalates into an full-on shootout complete with threatening bikers, fires erupting and what looks like a vacant house ripe for a horror flick.

So no, we aren't quite sure what to make of "Homefront," which was directed by Gary Fleder ("Don't Say A Word," "Runaway Jury") and written by Sylvester Stallone. It co-stars Rachelle Lefevre, Winona Ryder and Kate Bosworth. We're guessing more pieces of the puzzle will click come Nov. 27, when the movie hits theaters and officially marks Franco's 97th release of the year. (Kidding -- sort of.)

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