Claire Danes Reveals The 'Homeland' Crew's Running Joke About Carrie

Looks like Season 5 will be no different.
Another chat with Hezbollah, another day.
Another chat with Hezbollah, another day.

Warning: Very, very mild spoilers ahead.

"Homeland" is back in full force -- not halfway through the first episode we saw Carrie Mathison drawn back to the CIA, unfortunately for her. In an interview with People, Claire Danes explained her character's growth at the start of Season 5.

"[Carrie] is doing very well, she has a gorgeous, smart German lawyer boyfriend and she's really connected to her child and she's really happy -- for about five minutes," Danes said.

"Then she's kidnapped -- again." Again!

Unlike other shows, where a character might be kidnapped once and scarred for life, getting thrown in an unmarked van has become a routine on "Homeland."

"We were joking that Carrie should have a drawer full of kidnap hoods next to her delicates, she's got so many," Danes told People. "Some mesh, some jersey."

"Homeland" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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