Homeland Insecurity

False Flag: Able Thunder is an exciting new thriller by Michael C. Mitzell, that poses a frightening scenario: a rogue group of American operatives using a duped group of Muslim Americans and an existing nuclear warhead under an “enemy” flag (think: Syria) in order to generate a new war in the Middle East with the full support of the American people’s sympathies. The writer has penned a number of scripts and is currently working on a sequel False Flag: Desert Wind. With a lot of television series exploring similar themes (Scandal and Homeland come to mind) and with a screenplay ready to go before the book was published, it caught the attention of the U.S. Production/Distribution company Little Studio Films who thought it would make a great political thriller as well as get conspiracy bloggers buzzing.

According to Mitzell the story first occurred to him several years ago when he came across two reports: one involved a B52 that traveled from a base in North Dakota to a base in Louisiana loaded with six missiles that had their nuclear warheads still attached. This is against national security regulations. One of the warheads was reported missing. The other report involved old nuclear missiles being taken out of a Texas military base and sent to South Carolina for unknown reasons. This report is not as well documented as the one above. He used the incidents to possibly show how nuclear material could be taken from old -stockpiles and used to create a mobile nuclear device. 

“The idea of using the cover of a military drill to implement a domestic attack was based on books and documentaries critical of the official version of what happened on 9/11.” That such an attack could be planned from the caves of Afghanistan and carried out by an ill-trained, hapless group of misfits seemed implausible to Mitzell. The most influential source was Dr. Webster Tarpley’s book, 9/11: Synthetic Terror-Made In The USA. In the book Tarpley explains theprincipal of how an inside moles uses patsies, scapegoats, and trained technicians do carry out the job. He also points out that there were over 40 drills around the time of 9/11. “It would have been easy to flip one of those drills “live”. The “terrorists” most likely were unaware of the overall operation, and were simply playing out their roles in the scenario.” Mitzell admits that though it is difficult to prove anything involving a covert operation, “I believe there are elements of truth in the story. A person has to take whatever omissions and misrepresentations there are in an official report, and construct a different conceptual overview of what could have happened. That is the approach I took with the screenplay and book.”     

None of the antagonists in the screenplay are affiliated with ISIL or al-Qaeda. “I don’t even mention those organizations. I want it to be clear to the readers that what’s more dangerous are rogue U.S. agents. The perpetrators are a small group of rogue operators in the state and defense departments, and intelligence agencies.” Mitzell also hopes that the books dispels some of the Islamic Terrorist myths that permeate popular media, “a lot of these actions are conceived by Western governments or allowed to happen in order to use as red herrings to push an agenda.”

After entertaining the very scary scenario laid out in his story, it’s a small leap to wonder whether something similar can or is happening now. “There are similarities but the current events are on a smaller scale. The numerous terrorist attacks here and abroad could be staged events to promote anti-Muslim sentiment, and to promote stronger NATO and UN involvement in the Middle East. I think it would take a false flag event on a grand scale such as I depict to force an all out invasion. But more than any current similarities to what’s happening now in my book should be taken as a warning not to be duped into a major conflict by any future large-scale false flags.”

Duly noted.

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