Hotel Wants To Offer Homeless Man A Special Thanksgiving Thank-You (UPDATE)

Do you recognize this man? If so, Atlanta's Omni Hotel at CNN Center would like to have a word with you.

The man, believed to be named Josh Crabber, found a guest's wallet in a trash can while looking for food. Instead of using the credit cards to his benefit, Crabber, who is thought to be homeless, went to several hotels in search of the wallet's owner, eventually returning it to the Omni.

According to the Associated Press, the wallet's owner had been robbed earlier that day, and the thieves made off with her entire purse, apparently discarding the contents in a garbage nearby.

As a thank-you for Crabber's noble deed, the hotel wants to return the favor.

"Every person has a story and this person obviously has a story and did the right thing by bringing [the wallet] to try to find [its owner]," the hotel's managing director, Scott Stuckey, told Atlanta's WSB-TV. "When you're looking through food in the garbage can, it's probably one of the toughest times of [your] life. But when you find somebody's wallet and you do the right thing, I think we'd like to do the right thing by this person."

Stuckey told the station they'd like to give the man $500 for his efforts, in addition to putting him up in a room for Thanksgiving, with dinner and room service the next day.

Hotel employees have the name Crabber gave them and an image taken from surveillance camera footage to identify the man, but no other means to contact him, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

UPDATE Monday, November 25: Hotel employees have finally found the homeless man from this story. His real name is Joel Hartman, according to WSB-TV.

Hartman, 36, went back to the hotel on Friday after hearing that people were looking for him. And as a reward for his good deed, the hotel is putting Hartman up through Thanksgiving, CNN reported. He'll also receive room service and $500.



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