Homeless Chinese Man Dubbed 'Brother Sharp' Hailed As Fashion Icon

Homeless Chinese Man Dubbed 'Brother Sharp' Hailed As Fashion Icon

Online communities in China have hailed a homeless man in Ningbo as a new fashion icon, the Independent UK reports. Referred to as "Beggar Prince," the "Handsome Vagabond," and, most commonly, "Brother Sharp," the 5-foot 8-inch, 35-year-old bum with a fondness for discarded women's clothing is now the poster boy for homeless chic style.

A note on a popular Chinese message board site said that Brother Sharp "doesn't really look like a beggar, more like a vagabond. The quality of this person's tops are all not bad, a down jacket, cotton jacket, even a leather jacket inside, and though they're a bit dirty, they're all in good condition, not the kind that beggars find from the trash."

Another post compares his ensembles to this season's Dolce & Gabbana collection with the comment, "Look at him wrinkle his brow...nothing needs to be said...sexy..."

Perhaps he had a past on the runway? No one knows Brother Sharp's actual identity. But he is reported to seem mentally disturbed when spoken to on the street.

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