How A Homeless Guy Hits On Women To Score A Sleepover (VIDEO)

How do you get off the streets of New York City if you’re homeless? For Joe, it’s as simple as panhandling all day, earning up to $300, and then picking up women at night so he has a place to sleep!

According to the 26-year-old, it’s a lifestyle that doesn’t take much effort, “It’s like riding a bike. It’s not difficult once you know how to do it,” says “Homeless Joe,” who recently gained notoriety on YouTube.

“I’ve got to see your moves,” says Dr. Phil, challenging Joe to use his charm and good looks on an audience member, just as he would on a woman who might take him in for the night.

Joe says being homeless isn’t that bad and that he could get a place of his own if he stopped drinking. Dr. Phil confronts Joe about his drinking problem on Monday’s show and asks him if he’s ready to get off the streets and turn his life around. Check here for local listings.