'Breaking Bad' Impression By A 'Homeless' Man Is Not What It Seems

This 'Breaking Bad' Impression By A Homeless Man Is Not What It Seems

You might have seen this video skyrocket to the top of Reddit today, but if you thought there was something strange about this supposed random encounter with a "Breaking Bad"-quoting homeless man, you'd be right.

The person in the video, titled "Homeless Man does Breaking Bad impressions for food," is no Ted Williams, but is actually an actor and voice-over performer named Miles Allen.

Allen told The Huffington Post that the idea for the video was born in his living room, after he performed some "Breaking Bad" impressions for two friends. The trio thought it would be funny to film the sketch and post it online, but had no idea how much it would blow up.

"We shot it yesterday, put it online, and thought it would be a success if it got 1,000 hits by the end of the week," Allen said.

The video already has over 27,000 hits.

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