Homeless Artist To Run Half Marathon For Charity That Helps People On The Streets

Ronnie Goodman might not have a comfortable place to rest his aching feet at night, but that’s not keeping this homeless artist from running 13.1 miles next month in San Francisco’s half marathon for charity.

Goodman, 53, has been living under a freeway in San Francisco for two years, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Still, he trains every day to fulfill his dream of running in the famed local event and his fans have found a way to make sure he will.

ronnie goodman

After reading about his love of running in the Chronicle’s original profile of Goodman, fans stepped in and donated $120 to cover his entry fee for the July race.

While Goodman could have certainly used the race as a way to raise additional funds for himself, he’s decided to give back to the organization that's helping him get back on his feet.

ronnie goodman

He's collecting money for the Hospitality House, an organization that empowers homeless and low-income people through a number of initiatives, including an art program that encouraged Goodman to pursue his passion.

The self-taught artist paints and draws works that explore both the beauty and diversity of his city, along with images of human despair, according to his website.

ronnie goodman

Goodman has set a pretty ambitious goal of raising $25,000 for the organization, according to the campaign’s website. Donors will be entered into a raffle to win one of Goodman’s original works.

Goodman feels confident he can reach his goal and is mostly looking forward to showing the Hospitality House just how grateful he is.

ronnie goodman

"This is my chance to give back to them," Goodman told the Chronicle. "That makes me happy."

Find out how you can get involved with the "Run With Ronnie" campaign here.