UPDATE: Strangers Shower Selfless Homeless Man With Donations Of Thanks

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to Dave Talley as Dave Tally.

UPDATE: Over the past 24 hours, complete strangers have dropped off cash and written checks for Dave Talley, the homeless man who turned in a backpack filled with $3,300 to a local homeless advocacy group.

Talley is overwhelmed by the donations from strangers nationwide, like Elizabeth Peterson of Tennessee. Peterson, who used to be homeless herself, told CNN:

"It's the time of year to be giving and I just wanted to do something to show him that he really had an effect on me when I heard that story."


Make your own donation to the cause by visiting the Tempe Community Action Agency, the group that's provided support for Tally for years.


When a Tempe homeless man found an abandoned backpack at a train station stocked with a laptop and $3,300 in cash, he deliberated about what to do -- and decided to turn it in.

ABC 15 reports that Dave Tally, who lost his home several years ago, called the Tempe Community Action Agency, a local homeless advocacy group, for assistance.

Tally told ABC 15:

"It's not something I wish anybody would have to go through because that's rough choices. There's a lot of things I could have taken care of but the fact of the matter was it was not my money. I didn't earn it."

It turns out the backpack belonged to an Arizona State University student, Bryan Belanger. His belongings went missing five days before, so he hadn't expected to see them again. Tally's kind return moved him:

"This is the greatest thing I've ever experienced, I think. It is really is a lesson to keep your faith in people. Character exists no matter what your circumstances are."


Belanger had the cash in his backpack to buy a new car. He gave Tally an undisclosed amount and plans to volunteer at Tempe Community Action Agency to show his thanks.

Read more about Tally's story at ABC 15 and visit Tempe Community Action Agency to make a donation.