Homeless Man's Moving 'Under Pressure' Lip Dub With Kermits (VIDEO)


UPDATE: When we posted this video we wrote that the subject "appeared to be homeless," and today it has been revealed that he is not! We can't say it's a huge surprise (his homeless appearance had everything to do with his signage and nothing to do with this actual "appearance"). However, he stated today on his YouTube page that although he is a performer with a roof over his head, he made the video to bring attention to the plight of the homeless. So, it was all for a good cause. Plus - it's still a very entertaining lip dub!

PREVIOUSLY: We've seen some good lip dubs in our day, but this has to be the most touching one we've ever encountered.

The song is "under pressure" and the lip dub-ers in question are a man appearing to be homeless and his two Kermit puppets. He had our attention right off the bat with the promise of Queen/Bowie and Muppets, but his dedication to the lip dub is what really stands out.

The description on YouTube says the video was made to "entertain and inspire" and we can say it did both jobs pretty well. It also features a link to donate money to charities that help the homeless. (Via The Daily What)


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