Homelessness: The Children of Hawaii Sing

Homelessness: The Children of Hawaii Sing
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Would you appreciate the opportunity to be inspired? Do yourself a favor and watch this video, "Dream What Could Be Done," sung by children of Lanai High and Elementary School (LHES) Fifth Grade Class of 2020 under the direction of Matt Glickstein, educational assistant for the Department of Education, State of Hawaii.

Some of the children share their thoughts on homelessness:

"There's always something you can do." - KA

"If homeless people have no homes, we will build a home for them. We will help the kids get an education. We will help the adults to get jobs so they can make money." - KK

"One person can make a big difference, so give the stuff you don't need to a homeless shelter." - CP

"In the future I will stand up and talk to one city, two cities, three cities, or four cities. I don't care how many cities I go to, I only care about changing the world." - MB

"If we can all work together, we can do much more than you think." - AA-T

"What I know about some homeless people is that they talk to themselves sometimes, and that is because they don't have people to talk to." - KS

"I think everyone should have a home and a family. People in Africa and other parts of the world are hungry and eat from garbage cans, and drink dirty, polluted water. These people deserve fresh water and good food. They deserve it from the second they were homeless and/or hungry. It's not their fault." - LC

As Matt generously says, "The idea to compose 'Dream What Could Be Done' came from this blog." Matt posted the link to "Singing to the World" on a blog I had written about the Dalai Lama. I responded with enthusiasm and asked Matt if he could create a song and music video about homelessness.

Matt Glickstein is a songwriter and musician born and raised on O'ahu, Hawaii. His goal has always been trying to help people through music, the universal language. After ten years of writing many different kinds of songs, he found what he loves most by creating Songs For a Better World at http://www.mattglickstein.com/store.cfm.

The project started as an ordinary poetry assignment by LHES fourth grade teacher Sandy Patterson, who has personally supported our efforts, and turned it into something much, much more. First, through the creative energy inspired by writing about peace, the poems became lyrics. Then, with the help of Glickstein, the song, "Singing to the World" was born. The children's passion inspired ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro to accompany them in a music video.

As a post-script to this article, Matt informs me, "On September 21st, the Maui County Council is going to present the Lanai Class of 2020 with a resolution honoring the work they've done, including the 'Singing to the World' video, which was played at two events honoring His Holiness the Dalai Lama in April of this year, and 'Every Day is Earth Day,' which won two contests, including one national contest."

Congratulations Lanai High and Elementary School (LHES) Fifth Grade Class of 2020 and Matt! And thank you for your wonderful, inspiring and compassionate songs!

I look forward to your comments.

Thank you,

"Songs For a Better World," in CD format now and DVD in the near future, are available for sale on the website http://www.mattglickstein.com as well as iTunes.

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