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How To Make Cadbury Creme Eggs

When homemade, they're even better than the real thing.

Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of those candies that we wait for all year long. It might be a good idea that they only come around at Easter time -- we're not sure our bodies could handle that amount of sugar all year long -- but we've found a way to have them in our lives everyday regardless. All you have to do is make them at home.

We know it seems as though this chocolate egg is filled with magic and unicorns on top of all that glorious sugar and fat. But, it's not. You can make these eggs just as easily as you can bake a cake -- and you can even opt to make them a little healthier too if you want like food blogger Not Without Salt did. (Or if you prefer to have yours full of corn syrup, check out how instructables did it.)

Either way, the principle of making a creme egg is easy. Whisk together butter, sugar, vanilla and golden (or corn) syrup. Add food coloring to 1/3 of it (for the yolk) and then shape the two together to resemble a hard boiled egg. Dip this in chocolate, let it harden, and creme eggs are yours!

For more detailed instructions, check out Not Without Salt's recipe.

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