Homemade Christmas Gift Guide: Material-Free, Last Minute Presents For The Holidays

After promising that, for once, you would get holiday shopping done early this year, you’ve found yourself in a familiar situation: Only a few days before Christmas, and you still have a list of gifts to buy. What is a busy person to do?

Thankfully, there are a number of options that are not only easy and quick, but eco-friendly to boot. According to RecycleWorks, an extra one million tons of waste are produced each week over the holiday season, and household waste increases by 25%. With gift-wrap and shopping bags totaling 4 million tons of trash every year, going material-free is a gift unto itself!

If you still want to hand over a present, check out HuffPost’s 2012 green gift guide and Kathryn McCullough’s blog piece on upcycled, unique wrapping paper. Be sure to read more about cutting down on holiday waste and how to save energy during this jolly season.

Check out some suggestions below for thoughtful, material-free holiday gifts. Share other ideas in the comments below!

Material-Free Gifts