These Modern Recipes Prove Fruitcake Doesn't Have To Be Terrible

Poor old fruitcake doesn't deserve its bad reputation.

Fruitcake isn’t loved by all. While its fans are out there, the fruitcake’s reputation often borders on the negative. We get it, it can be overly dense, insanely sweet and just kind of weird. But fruitcake that’s made right ... well, one bite of that will make you see how this studded cake became part of the holiday season.

So how do you get your hands on a loaf of the good stuff? You bake it, obviously. Homemade fruitcake is making this baked good’s reputation better. There are many different ways to bake one ― you can go extra boozy, if that’s your fancy, or you can go a lighter route and load up on the citrus flavors. There’s a fruitcake recipe out there for everyone.

Citrus Fruitcake
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Holiday Fruitcake
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Brandied Fruitcake
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Sour Cream Fruitcake
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Super Moist Fruitcake
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Rich Fruitcake
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