Homemade Ketchup Recipes: More Than Just Tomato (PHOTOS)

11 Ways To Make Ketchup Better Than Heinz

French fries wouldn't be as popular if it weren't for ketchup. We could probably say the same thing about burgers. These foods go hand-in-hand with that bright red bottled condiment. But if you've ever tried a homemade ketchup recipe, you'd have a hard time not putting it on everything; sneaking spoonfuls of it becomes a likely occurance too. It's just that much better than the store-bought bottle you've got stashed in your refrigerator door.

Even though Heinz came out with its balsamic flavored ketchup and MIT (the school) has come up with a way for it to slide out of the bottle easily, the homemade ketchup recipe is well worth the effort.

Homemade Curry Ketchup

Ketchup Recipes

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